FR-CAVE-COLOR-Franck recalls vividly toying with his audiotape recorder, cutting voices out, matching the beat, a symptomatic, diy approach to music that soon translated into a mission of instinction; the very same intuition underneath the house movement from the beginning: a need for loops and beats. From raw-edged, stripped-down tracks to those flourishing with an intense depth, Franck Roger has managed to create a distinctive musical signature earning him praise and respect. In recent times, Franck redefines the terms of his musical addiction through traveling, experimenting, and learning. Beat is the word. “Most of the time I use my studio as a sanctuary, a shelter from the city mayhem or life’s complications… I search for a beat and build the tracks from there.” Music and dancing have always been intimately bonded for Franck Roger, since the day he first entered a club. At the time, the loudest place to hear the likes of DJ Deep and Laurent Garnier spin in all of Europe was the Rex Club, in Paris. Flash forward to 2010: the Rex Club is now home to Franck’s successful Real Tone Records party “The 5 Beats,” showing clubkids du jour how it should be done. The more Franck Roger plays in the club, the more inventive he becomes, and the more comfortable he stands in the great dynasty of DJ’s that matter.