the year was 1991: the machines decelerated. the structure coiled, and in teaching itself to breath again, the known pushed outward in hopes of scaling curious scares of both sound and space.

trainstation_shadowRetroactive was no more. A vibrant force within the musical community of Detroit, Carl Craig continued to adapt, learn and explore. A new label arose, Planet E Communications, as a means to complete creative independence from the major label industry, as well as a platform for organic expansion and expression of the dance floor driven genre of techno music.

A visionary continues to broaden his body of work; each transmission release thoughtful and unique, persistently shifting sound, leaving behind the boundaries of electronic music, and traveling beyond, to landscapes newfangled and unknown amidst the language and thunder of subterranea, one hub remains intact, releasing vital sonic collage.

a pulse beats independently from its surroundings, blossoming among a world of cold metal and immobile mechanics. perception swerves.

Open your mind. Spill yourself across the broken concrete walk-ways, the odd shapes of buildings, dark and ominous, clawing at your shadows as you strive to recreate something both beautiful and new. A green light glows, a natural hue humming all the time, through the night, as the steam rises from below the streets… Deep within the comfort of city walls, creativity grows, grasping, reaching as far as it can go.

welcome to detroit. this is planet e.